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Project Success

At Command Prompt we believe that efficient project management is critical to ensuring all of our clients are taken care of and their needs are met. That’s why with every project comes a skilled and experienced project manager.

Project managers work with our clients throughout the consulting process and are the main point of contact at Command Prompt. This provides accountability, consistency and stability for our clients and the success of the project.

Services included but not limited to:

  • Setting and refining project scope
  • Milestone setting and reporting
  • Work breakdown structure planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Management of deadlines and bottlenecks
  • Billing/hours management
  • Resource allocation
  • Ensuring full documentation

We have also expanded our project management services to offer independent support to clients. Do you have projects that are delayed and over budget? Is communication lacking? Do you need assistance wrangling the team? We have trained, professional project managers that can help.