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    As the oldest pure Postgres company we consider first dates exciting but what we are really looking for are companies to grow old and die with. Our business is built on long, mutually equitable relationships.

    A mature product and service offering plus a history of putting our clients (not our non-existent venture capitalists) first allows us the unique position of providing quality and established services that not a single other postgresql centered full stack consulting company can.

    Contact us today and remember why you wanted to use PostgreSQL centered technology in the first place.

PostgreSQL Community

PITR Tools
Point in Time Recovery for PostgreSQL made easy.

The world's favorite web language, can now be used to write functions in PostgreSQL.

A mapping system (Python) for PostgreSQL stored procedures and queries.

Customer Feedback

This all makes sense to me. Thanks for documenting it. I think the changes you made here and to the postgresql.conf have made an significant difference---Wednesday is one of our higher traffic days and the database seemed to perform better today than I've seen it do in a long time. We've still got a lot to do, but thank you for saving my butt here!

Heather Johnson
New York Post

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