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What is PgManage?

PgManage is a modern Open Source SQL editor and database administration tool.

It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Supported Databases

PgManage targets Postgres primarily. It also supports MySQL/MariaDB SQLite3 and Oracle databases.


Multiple Workspaces

work with multiple databases at once

SQL autocompletion

PGmanage completes the code as you type

Secure credential storage

your database credentials cannot be read without master password

Postgres Config Management

Search and tweak your Postgres server configuration via convenient GUI

Database Backups

Back-up and restore your Postgres cluster in background while working on other stuff


Pgmanage Supports Query-plan visualization and Entity-relationships

Dark or Light

Choose a theme to your taste

Latest News

PgManage 1.1 has been released

  • New features:
    • pgmanage now uses database-specific syntax highlighting rules in SQL editors depending on the database type
    • added support for displaying column data types in query results data grid
    • columns in query results data grid can now be minimized/maximized by double-clicking the column header
    • switchable data grid layouts in query tabs: adaptive, compact and fit-content can be selected by clicking the ellipsis icon on the top-left corner of the grid
    • existing DB connection can now be cloned in connection manager dialog
    • the size of the next loaded data chunk can now be selected when using "fetch-more" feature for large query results
    • added multi-statement queries support for SQlite3
    • database connections can now have a color label to make it easier to differentiate between different environments
    • scram-sha256 password hashing is now used when changing Postgres role passwords
  • UI/UX Improvements:
    • 'fetch all records' is now also supported DB console tabs
    • removed unnecessary schema name prefixes from table partition names in DB object tree
    • added warning about unsaved changes in Postgres Seever configuration tab before close
    • added confirmation when deleting configuration change histore records in Postgres Server configuration tab
    • added support for showing newline characters in query results data grid cells
    • added support for showing null and blank values in query results data grid cells
    • data grid is no longer hidden for queries that return 0 rows
    • added visual hints for column resize handles in data grid headers
    • improved DB console and SSH terminal performance when displaying large amounts of text
    • significantly improved performance of query result data grids when working with large amounts of data
    • it is now possible to reuse a query from the history dialog by double clicking on the correspoding query cell
  • Lots of fixes and minor improvements, see the full changelog on Github Release Page


Discovered a bug? Have a feature request? Want to contribute?

Feel free to create an issue or a Pull Requset on GitHub

The latest version of PgManage documentation is available on ReadTheDocs