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More than a Refresh

A podcast about data and the people who wrangle it.

On its third year, More than a Refresh is proving to be an insightful and uniquely human interface into the world of data.

In 2023 we continue an eclectic range of speakers from Leadership Experts, Privacy Experts, Medical Experts and of course best in class content from experts in the world of databases.

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Thu, February 23 2023
Episode 26: Laura DiBenedetto, Chief Executive Officer @ Sovereign Ammo

Welcome to episode 26 of More than a Refresh, where JD sits down with Laura DiBenedetto, Chief Executive Officer @ Sovereign Ammo. Listen in as they discuss why sovereignty  is freedom + responsibility, what happy people have in common, and the problem with treating the symptom instead of the root cause.

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The opinions expressed in this episode by out guest are those of the individual. They do not purport to reflect the opinions of More than a Refresh, our host, or our producer. 

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