Additional comments about my talk at MySQLCon
Colin Charles blogged about my talk at MySQLCon. I wanted to clear a few things up that he mentioned. I noted in my talk: EnterpriseDB is the opposite, theyre closing up more and more. I spoke with Bob Zurek who is the CTO of EnterpriseDB. I was not correct in my EnterpriseDB comment. My reference came from this page which is very difficult to tell which is Open Source and which is not. I still think they would benefit more if they would be to just open everything. My impression (after the conversation) is that EDB is actually opening more and more product, such as GridSQL. Although they are keeping some crown jewels closed source (Oracle Compatibility). So kudos to Bob for having a great feedback session. Also in my talk I wrangled a little bit with a gentlemen from Fox Interactive Media (whose name I left out in my previous post, but Colin Charles mentioned him specifically). Colin felt I attacked the guy (not physically of course). All I can say is, "bummer". I didnt think I attacked the guy. I was just being honest. The gentlemen would not have brought up the problem (especially with Sun in the room) if Sun was correctly addressing his needs. If Fox Interactive Media wants a solution to that 5TB problem, interacting with the community is the way to get that problem resolved. Sun would hopefully be part of the solution. Sun recently did submit a WIP patch on the very topic. The response has been tepid because of what I believe is bad communication from Sun. I did say, regardless of the factors involved, the solution is still the same, you have to go through the community. (paraphrased). That point was made at benefit of Sun. Sun can solve the problem on their own, but if they dont work with the community to do so, they end up with a Fork and now they maintain three databases (JavaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL).