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Privacy Concerns and Risks with Slack's AI and ML Training

In today’s digital workplace, privacy concerns are paramount, especially when using communication tools like Slack for sharing sensitive information. Recently, Slack has been integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to boost user experience and functionality. While these advancements bring substantial benefits, they also introduce potential privacy risks that users need to be aware of.

PgManage 1.0rc1 released

PgManage 1.0rc1 released - an inch closer to being a mile ahead

Embracing Wellness: Our Journey Begins

Introducing the Command Prompt Health & Mental Wellness campaign, a holistic approach to life.

Courtesy Notification: CVE-2020-21469 PostgreSQL 12.2 Security Vulnerability

This is a courtesy notification to our clients and community regarding an alleged security issue for PostgreSQL 12.2.

The following issue was reported as CVE-2020-21469:

An issue discovered in PostgreSQL 12.2 allows attackers to cause a denial of service via repeatedly sending SIGHUP signals.

This is not a security vulnerability, and was filed without prior knowledge of or consultation with the PostgreSQL Security Team as reported in this …

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade PostgreSQL End-of-Life

Databases are a vital component of any application or website, especially with the reliance on data to meet our end users’ needs. PostgreSQL databases are robust and limitless in their capabilities but not when they’re operating like it’s 1999.

Do you have any outdated end-of-life (EOL) PostgreSQL instances?

EOL software is especially prone to bugs and security issues, but scheduling and performing critical updates and upgrades can be challenging. The …

Command Prompt Inc. Invites You to Attend InnoTech Houston

One of my favorite annual technology events takes place each October in my hometown of Austin, Texas -- Innotech Austin. I've attended for several years in support of local nonprofit groups including Chick Tech Austin and Austin Women in Technology, as well as for Command Prompt Inc. I thoroughly enjoy the networking opportunities and the professional yet relaxed atmosphere of this event. While attending and exhibiting at Innotech Austin …

December 2017 Update and News

PostgreSQL V10: An Amplified Version Of PostgreSQL

For more than a decade, the Postgres community has released new major versions almost annually to meet the evolving needs of the Database Industry. The first great release of Postgres was 8.3 in 2008, with a clean and evolutionary release of 8.4 eighteen months later.
The 2017 v10 release of Postgres is the first version that Command Prompt Inc. founder and lead consultant …

Bridging the PostgreSQL Chasm

"I'm not technical enough to even understand what your firm does."

This message from a new LinkedIn connection last week. The message literally stopped me in my tracks. I was preparing to spend the day amongst new and seasoned developers at DevDay Austin, a free full-day technical event hosted by Amazon Web Services. Cloud computing, IoT, Containers, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile application development were just a few of the …

Why Postgres? (How did I get here?)

You may ask yourself, how did I get here?

The journey to this place in my professional career as the newly hired Director of Business Development for Command Prompt, Inc. is a long and winding one, and so i'd like to share a couple of stories to enlighten curious folks:

“Why Postgres?!”

Last September the fledgling consulting firm that I was handling sales and business development for was shuttering, and …