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PostgreSQL Certification: JTA now closed

Thanks to everyone that took the time to participate in the PostgreSQL Certification JTA. We received over 223 respondents which is great. We will be posting the results of the JTA shortly and if you would like to participate in the resulting project discussion please join us.

PostgreSQL Certification (JTA closes November 14th)

The PostgreSQL certification project is in the closing days of the JTA (Job Task Analysis). In short, what should the PostgreSQL certification project, certify? In hacker terms, "What is the problem we are trying to solve?". It is relatively long but the information is of extreme value to ensure that the project develops a relevant certification to the professional PostgreSQL community. If you haven't done so already please create an …

You are not good enough (for Open Source)

A segment of the talk I gave at NAU on why you should contribute to Open Source and why you think you can't. Original idea credited to Matt S. Trout.

Updated 11/05/08 from Matt Trout: the version he gave at YAPC-EU 2008

The Open Source job market

The following is a segment of the talk I gave at Northern Arizona State University about the Open Source job market.

PostgreSQL Replicator developer meeting 10/28

With the recent open sourcing of Replicator, the team has been trying to come up with ways to ensure an open development process. In that light we have decided to have our first release 1.9 meeting on Freenode. All people interested in participating in a discussion about the upcoming Replicator 1.9 are welcome to attend. The current topics are:
  • New MCP architecture
  • DDL Replication
  • Release timeline
  • Questions
Replicator is set …

Replicator 1.8 Beta released as BSD

It took longer than we expected, but Replicator 1.8 for 8.1 and 8.3 of PostgreSQL has been released. It is 100% Open Source and of course, BSD. Replicator all your baby elephants here.

Thanks to all that helped with PostgreSQL Conference West

PostgreSQL Conference West was a big hit this weekend. It exceeded expectations of attendance as well as content. I would like to take a moment to thank the people that took time out of their personal lives to help make this conference a success!
  • Daniel Browning
  • Selena Decklemann
  • Lisa Drake
  • Josh Berkus
  • Richard Broersma Jr.
  • Tim Bruce
  • Rafael de Jess Fernndez Moctezuma
  • Lacey Powers
  • Gabrielle Roth
  • David Wheeler
  • Mark Wong …

On the morning of West, East 08 appears!

In preparing for West I decided we weren't going to go through the hassle we went through at East with recording. We ran out of tapes, had to borrow all the cameras, even used some digital cameras video mode. That combined with a lack of hardware to pull the video off of tapes caused content from East08 to be significantly delayed on getting to the web.

We purchased three cameras …

Pg Conference West: Last call for Lightning talks and tentative schedule released!

Lightning talks are an exciting way to get involved in the conference with very little commitment on the speakers end. Assuming you can stand in front of an audience for 5 minutes; you can speak about anything PostgreSQL or Open Source related.

Pg Conference West: Lightning talks!

While recently seeking feedback on the conference schedule from Josh Berkus and David Fetter I was asked, "Are there going to be lightning talks?". To which I replied, "What?". I know of lightning talks; in a similar manner of how I know of the existence of competitors to PostgreSQL. They are there in the background fog of consciousness while posing no perceivable threat but still trying to maintain their significance. …