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PostgreSQL 04/24/08 thru 05/01/08

As I digg and slashdot my way through the weary set of tubes that connects us all, I have stumbled across a number of interesting (good and bad) posts in the last week. The first of which comes from our friends doing Ruby on Rails development. As a PostgreSQL user, the very first thing that should jump out at you is that the error the individual "just installed" version 7 …

Is that performance I smell? Ext2 vs Ext3 on 50 spindles, testing for PostgreSQL

There are few things I like better than when a customer says to the team, "I want the best machine I can buy for XXX dollars". It inspires a certain sense of joy not unlike the feeling an average Slashdot reader gets when they walk into the local gadget store. It is particularly special because you know as much as you could make use of such a machine, you know …

In the news again today :)... but for something technical

Command Prompt made news today at the grace of our very good partners in the PostgreSQL Community, Truviso. We are working with Truviso to implement some very cool vacuum features that will help with long running transactions. Here are some links from the outside world:
  • Business Wire
  • Morning Star
  • Forbes
  • Yahoo Business
  • Sys-Con Media
  • Additional comments about my talk at MySQLCon

    Colin Charles blogged about my talk at MySQLCon. I wanted to clear a few things up that he mentioned. I noted in my talk: EnterpriseDB is the opposite, theyre closing up more and more. I spoke with Bob Zurek who is the CTO of EnterpriseDB. I was not correct in my EnterpriseDB comment. My reference came from this page which is very difficult to tell which is Open Source and …

    What MySQL (and really, Sun) can learn from PostgreSQL

    I spent April 17th, 2008 flying to San Jose, Ca only to arrive 30 minutes before my talk, "What MySQL can learn from PostgreSQL", jump in a cab and literally walk into the door of the room I was assigned, "right on time". I think the talk went over fairly well. I opened with the statement, "This is not about MySQL AB, this is about MySQL and the community." I …

    And finally here is the keynote

    Selena and I are a bit behind getting content up on the PostgreSQL Conference East site, so I thought I would get my keynote out there. Keynote PDF

    At East... keynote went well

    I delivered the Keynote for East this morning. It seemed to go very well, with a full discussion on expanding the community. I spoke on using mentoring contacts as well as organizing the community for free work shops. There is a surprising and well received number of new community members here.

    Only 3 days left for PostgreSQL Conference: East

    Online registration ends for PostgreSQL Conference East on March 26th at 5:00pm PST. PostgreSQL Conference: East is being held at the Univerisity of Maryland, College Park in the CSIC building. The conference series is designed to be a geographically strategic series of conferences that allow contributors, current users and future users/developers to learn and network. Each conference is held in an Academic facility, students and educators are free …

    Read only templates, PDXPUG March 20th, 2008

    I was at PDXPUG last night. While everyone was introducing themselves, they also mentioned one of their least favorite items about PostgreSQL. It was interesting to hear everyone's experiences. Selena was frustated because:
    \e foo(text);
    Won't open the foo(text) function declaration in her editor. Jeff Davis was frustrated because there is no way to get rules to return an accurate number of tuples that are modified …

    Less than two weeks to go until East!

    Calling all Elephant herders! On March 29th and 30th 2008, The PostgreSQL Community Conference: East is set to unleash the preeminent source of community interaction, knowledge exchange and learning to ever land on the East Coast! Not since the Founding Fathers sat huddled around candles extolling the virtues of declaring Independence from our taxation without representation overlords has a single more important event be presented to the general populous. We …