For the record, EnterpriseDB and Command Prompt, Inc.
I recently made a post on the pgsql-advocacy list about a press release that EnterpriseDB put out that was less than flattering about PostgreSQL [1]. This thread was long and a little tiring. To make matters worse an Oracle blogger [2] picked up the thread and blogged an incorrect assessment of what happen.

I would like to take a moment and set the record straight. First there were some in the community that felt that it was CMD that was attacking EDB (EnterpriseDB). To be blunt, this is horse manure. I as a community member was pointing out a reference in a press release that was in my opinion written badly.

I wanted to address that press release and did so on pgsql-advocacy as I felt it was the most appropriate channel. CMD and EDB are both community members and the press released involved PostgreSQL directly. Secondly, EDB and CMD work together for the community.

We are not competitors when the community is at stake. We are partners. Yes we do compete in the marketplace, and I am sure there are many in the old school closed source world that don't quite understand how this could possibly work but it does.

A case in point is that EDB sponsored some of the work on ODBCng a commercially supported ODBC driver that is Open Source. EDB and CMD are also working together to bring a new and updated PgFoundry machine and environment into production.

The end result is that EDB did the right thing, which I knew they would. EDB has promised to correct some of their marketing efforts to insure that full honesty is presented when referencing PostgreSQL. Everyone knows that marketing is a tricky game. Just remember, "Volvo, they are boxy, but they are good!".


[1] Original post by Joshua D. Drake
[2] LewisC EnterpriseDB vs. PostgreSQL blog entry.