Keys to Moving Forward In Your Life and Career - How Self Awareness Affects Your Life Pt. II

Finding the right path when moving forward with your career can be challenging. From the difficult subject of compensation increases, to knowing when you are ready to move up into a new role, to refining the skill set you have; there are many steps that have to be put in place in order to further your career. In this article series I’ll provide tips as a COO for what I look for in a highly performant team members, and what has been expected of me over the years. The goal being to help you reach your professional and personal goals.



In part one of this article we went over how self awareness affects your confidence, contentment, happiness, and love. In part two we will focus on inspiration, forgiveness, gratitude/appreciation, and work ethic.


Realizing that you aren’t exactly who you want to be and putting into words who you are can reshape your existence. Finding inspiration to be better tomorrow and setting goals are the ways people living with a self aware soul keep going. Humans need purpose, and inspiration is often the healthiest way to find it. The moment you start acting on what you want to do in order to become who you want to be, you begin to cultivate inspiration within yourself. That alone is an amazing thing.

When you acknowledge the inspiration within yourself, others will notice and often become inspired themselves. The straightforward way to start doing this is to say you’re going to do and ignore the excuses. Our excuses, AKA the lazy bitches in our brain, run our lives and are the main reason for our lack of happiness and fulfillment. Get them in check and you will become an inspiration.


Happiness and success are built on a foundation of forgiveness. It’s essential, plain and simple. It’s also something everyone has the ability to bestow. Everyone has someone they are trying to forgive, be it themselves or someone else. It’s in our nature to forgive because that’s how we resolve conflict, how we make progress, and how we find happiness. Hate, anger, and resentment take up space in our hearts where love could be. Why do we give space to things that are so detrimental to our mental health? Forgiveness is as much for us as it is for the other person. No matter what the other person deserves, your life is the one you have power over. Are you willing to give that power to something that happened in the past?

Food for Thought: What are some tools or tactics you use to let go?

Gratitude and Appreciation

With everything going on in the world and our personal lives, it is far too easy to forget gratitude. “Sure, but how is that impacted by self awareness?”

Those who practice self awareness have an often holistic perspective. Reducing blockers can open our eyes to everything we do have in the midst of chaos. Studies have shown that people with a mindset focused on gratitude have less negative stress and depression. Being able to take a step back from being driven by negative emotion is key to finding some semblance of peace in your life. In addition, gratitude can help you be a resource for those around you who need to be reminded that they will get through whatever life is throwing at them.

Work Ethic

While some people have an ingrained work ethic, others must strive to identify motivation to do more than “the bare minimum.” Self awareness can help identify what motivates you and what you need in order to develop a work ethic that drives you to achieve. Do you work best alone or in a group? Do you want more or less support from management? Does working from home add or distract? There is an important difference between getting the job done and being pleased with the final product. The sweet spot is found by being clear with your employers/colleagues about your needs and motivations. Sometimes your needs are not always heard, and that’s where you need to be self aware enough to take the initiative and have a conversation about what you need to optimize your performance.


I challenge you to take a moment and reflect on what you want out of life. Self awareness will without a doubt help you achieve your goals and will help you become the optimal version of yourself.

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