PostgreSQL 04/24/08 thru 05/01/08
As I digg and slashdot my way through the weary set of tubes that connects us all, I have stumbled across a number of interesting (good and bad) posts in the last week. The first of which comes from our friends doing Ruby on Rails development. As a PostgreSQL user, the very first thing that should jump out at you is that the error the individual "just installed" version 7.4... A note to the general public, 7.4 is dying. Not as in BSD is dying but as in, expect no support for 7.4 from the community within 12 months. Please use something at least reasonably recent, such as 8.2.7 or 8.3.1. The next item of note in the post is that he has a Eeepc, which is very cool. Over at UbuntuGeek there is a great article on setting up PostgreSQL with Ubuntu. It addresses one of the most common asked questions for newbies. Which is, "Why can't I login to PostgreSQL?". Kudos to the author, it is nice to see a reasonably written articles that will help introduce PostgreSQL even further to Ubuntu folks. An interesting blog over at Milking the Gnu about how MySQL/Sun is neglecting their community. The title is just classic. This post plays well into my talk at MySQLCon. The best line of this blog is the title, "MySQL so busy becoming PostgreSQL it forgets its community". A quick post at Fuzzy Tolerance on issues they had with upgrading to PostgreSQL 8.3 and specific reasons why they chose to upgrade.