PostgreSQL 9.5, Community, Features and More!
I spoke at the Whatcom PUG meeting last night on PostgreSQL 9.5. This is my fourth time giving this talk. The previous locations were DCPUG, PhillyPUG, and NYCPUG last month. The talk was well received and this was Whatcom PUG's best turn out yet! We even had an Open Street Map developer visit from Vancouver B.C.

The presentation does discuss some of the more popular features of 9.5, but as a whole it discusses the state of PostgreSQL as of 9.5. That includes features, community, and process. I think the most important item is the user interaction. At each presentation location I brought up the fact that PostgreSQL has no bug/issue tracker. This led to the long threads currently being discussed on pgsql-hackers about having an issue tracker. If PostgreSQL 9.5 doesn't land for another 9 months (it will be sooner; we are at Beta) and instead we received proper tracking of issues, I would be plenty happy.

I used to do a lot more technical speaking, but lately I am finding more satisfaction in engaging users. One of the things that I have found out about the user groups is a lot of the attendees do not subscribe to the lists; they are community members by usage not contribution. However, without our users PostgreSQL is just another once upon a time (remember XFree86?) project. Thankfully, PostgreSQL is very good about listening to its users and knowing that engaging them is going to lead to a better product.

Good times! I am off to go rock climbing.

P.S. Another round of thanks to Bruce Momjian; without him the presentation would have taken a lot more time!