PostgreSQL at Southern California Linux Expo
I am currently staffing the PostgreSQL booth at the Southern California Linux Expo. Initially the show was a little slow but I as kindly reminded as I reminisced about the high traffic days of OSCON that the Keynote for the show actually takes place mid morning. Once the key note ended traffic increased and with traffic increases comes new and old community members. Interestingly enough we have had many people ask us if we are now "Sun". Apparently the names MySQL and PostgreSQL are close enough to cause the confusion. Go figure. For the record (in case someone needs to be reminded), PostgreSQL can not be bought and we are stronger for it. We can not be killed by budget cuts, you can't hand our CEO walking papers and we are not subject to share holders that just want to see the share price go up at all costs. PostgreSQL is the strongest, mature and extensible Open Source database in existence. If you are looking for a database that you can rely on for years and years to come, take a look at the community website. You will see that even though PostgreSQL is just a community we have supported releases going back 5 years or more. Other topics we have been asked about are Windowing queries (come on guys, it is time to get this done), and oddly enough Merge. We might even see some contributed code in the form of a Pgfoundry project for Merge. Oh and here is the interview that Josh Berkus and I did.