PostgreSQL Conference Fall 2007: My wrap up
We had a great time at the conference and subsequent party. If you are ever in PDX and want some great food and interesting accommodations I strongly suggest the Paramount Hotel and Dragon Fish cafe. They treated all of us very well and had great food! The conference did well above expectations, signing on 10 sponsors, some at the last minute (LinuxFund). Our original goal was only 4. And as has been mentioned in other places already, we had well over the 35 attendees we expected, topping out at 60+. That is a great day for our community! Further because of our sponsors and our attendees, we were in a single day able to raise over 5000.00 dollars for the community. Not bad considering we only had 8 weeks to prepare and it is the first conference that the team had done together. The money of course all went to SPI our affiliated 501c3. The money raised will be used to continue our community growth including sponsoring speakers for other shows, purchasing new shirts and the upcoming live CD for 8.3. Of course the team isn't sleeping until next year, we are already busy on our other upcoming conferences. We are having a PostgreSQL Web Technologies mini-conf in February 08. This will be attached to SCALE and will be similar in format to our PGDay last July. We are also having a PostgreSQL Conference East 08! This show is being held in late Winter, early Spring. We are very excited about this conference as we have a swell of community members in the area. It is going to be held in the D.C./Maryland area, likely be 1.5 days and we are hoping for over 100 community members to attend. Make sure you watch for the call for speakers for both of these upcoming shows. Lastly the conference website: has all the audio from the talks up. We also have "some" of the slides (more forthcoming) and the video will be up in a couple of weeks! Thanks to everyone again for their support of this conference series. It is great to see the community growing and supporting each other.