PostgreSQL, FOSS, SCALE, NYCPUG, SPI, LFNW and Ruby oh my!
Three weeks ago I was in Pasadena for SCALE 14. I had over 100 people in my room as I blistered the behind of PostgreSQL and how it handles backups. If you are interested in seeing my considered opinion I will also be training on the same topic at PgConf.US. I am also speaking on PostgreSQL Replication and finally, I was told that I am running the Lightning Talks. I have never coordinated something like Lightning Talks before. It should be an interesting experience.

If that wasn't enough news, I have more! The Ruby community has adopted the draft PostgreSQL Code of Conduct. As one of the primary authors of that document, I am honored to have such a mature project adopt a rational and simple Code that protects all people equally. For those who are concerned about the idea of a Code of Conduct, please remember that even the IETF has one. Let's keep the discussion civil and rational.

Last week I spoke at NYCPUG on the same topic as at SCALE. It was a great experience with over 80 people attending. It was awesome to be able to see my adopted community and be able to interact with them. While I was there I also spent two days with Software in the Public Interest at the SFLC offices going over long over due board tasks. (For those that don't know I am a Director for Software in the Public Interest). It was a great and interesting time. The SPI board consists of one PostgreSQL person (me) and the rest are Debian or Ubuntu. The nuances of the philosophical differences are something to be explored at a later date.

So what is next? It looks like Linux Fest Northwest and the PgDay there. I am on the organizing committee for both and the amount of content we have had to review is enormous. Linux Fest Northwest is one of the largest FOSS conferences on the West Coast with 2000 people attending. All right here in my home town of Bellingham, WA!

After Linux Fest Northwest my travel will settle into recreational only until September (I hope). Let's see what happens.