WEST Conference shaping up nicely
Once again West this year is running on a truncated calendar. Registration is now open!. We had originally planned on announcing and organizing from June till end of conference. Unfortunately that didn't work out as planned and we are back on the 6-8 week time line. Nothing like Just in Time delivery! Not to worry though. West is shaping up nicely. We already have 20 talks and tutorials waiting to teach you everything from the wonders of Python + PostgreSQL + SQLAlchemy to the finer points of Catalyst, DBIx::Class and PostgreSQL. These talks are being provided by core members of the respective projects! We also have talks on upcoming PostgreSQL 8.4 features as well as forums on PgUS and how PgUS and PgEU can work together! See the full list (and growing) of talks and tutorials. So don't hesitate, register today!