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Configuring Binary Replication with pgBackRest

PostgreSQL has two forms of native replication: logical replication and binary replication. Logical replication offers tuple-by-tuple changes streamed from a primary server to a secondary server. Binary replication, also known as physical replication, sends changes at a disk block level.

Binary replication allows for backing up an entire database and recovering it to a specific point in time, called point-in-time-recovery (PITR). PostgreSQL accomplishes this by using a write-ahead log (WAL), which details the transactions that occur. This tutorial provides a guide for implementing binary replication between a primary and secondary server.

Executing Citus Across Nodes for PostgreSQL

Welcome back to our Citus blog series! So far in this series, we have installed and configured the Citus extension for PostgreSQL. Now that we are up and running, it is time to distribute some data.

Let’s begin by inserting some sample data for demonstration purposes. First, we need a table in which to put the data.

Citus Configuration for PostgreSQL sharding

Welcome back to our Citus blog series! Previously, we introduced Citus, reviewed use cases, reviewed Citus structure, and installed Citus alongside PostgreSQL 14. This post will focus on configuring settings to make sure Citus is communicating between all instances.

A Quick Guide to Installing Citus for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful object-relational database management system that offers a growing range of extensions to provide features and functionality unmatched by others. One such extension that has recently become fully open-source is Citus. Citus Data originated in 2011, was open sourced as an extension to PostgreSQL in 2016, and was acquired by Microsoft in 2019. As of June 2022, all Enterprise features have been made available for free, and Citus is now 100% open source!

Setting Up an SSH Connection

The Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) provides IT professionals with a secure method to remotely connect to client environments. SSH typically uses a password or public-key method to encrypt connections and authenticate network devices. This tutorial will focus on establishing an SSH connection for data transfer between the postgres users on two Ubuntu 22.04 LTS instances.

A Tutorial on Logical Replication


One vital aspect of database administration is making copies of data and ensuring the replications remain in sync. With PostgreSQL there are two forms of native replication: physical replication, also known as binary replication, which sends changes at a disk block level and logical replication, which offers row-by-row changes streamed from a primary server to a secondary server. One of the major benefits of logical replication is …