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For the record, EnterpriseDB and Command Prompt, Inc.

I recently made a post on the pgsql-advocacy list about a press release that EnterpriseDB put out that was less than flattering about PostgreSQL [1]. This thread was long and a little tiring. To make matters worse an Oracle blogger [2] picked up the thread and blogged an incorrect assessment of what happen.

I would like to take a moment and set the record straight. First there were some in …

From the field: On Josh's Rules (of Database Contracting)

Josh Berkus wrote an excellent bullet point list of things to do and not do when doing Database Contracting. I would like to expand on that list and add some comments to a couple of his points:

  1. Data Reflects the Business: show me a client with a chronic database problem, and I'll show you a client with a chronic management problem. Generally I would agree with this statement but remember, …

Training, hot seat style

We have been stewing here at CMD for some time over training. Command Prompt actually does quite a bit of PostgreSQL Training. In the 12 months preceding April of 2007 we had taught a dozen classes on PostgreSQL. These classes have always been directed at on-site training, meaning that someone from CMD would travel to the customer site to train their employees. We did this for two reasons. One, because …

PostgreSQL Party July 22nd

Command Prompt is working with the PostgreSQL community to have a PostgreSQL party on July 22nd. For those not calendar aware, that is the Sunday before OSCON starts in Portland. For more information please visit