Let's delete contrib!
There has been a lot of discussion about the upcoming extension pg_audit and whether or not it should be in contrib. You can read about that here. The end result of the discussion is that pg_audit is going to be reverted and not in contrib. There were plenty of technical reasons why people didn't want it in contrib but I have a different reason. It is an extension. It doesn't need to be in contrib. In fact, I argue that because of pgxs and extensions we don't need contrib at all. If you don't follow the mailing lists my argument is blow and please feel free to comment here. The discourse is very much needed on this topic.

This is a topic that has come up in various ways over the years. After the long thread on pg_audit, I thought it might be time to bring it up again.

Contrib according to the docs is:

"These include porting tools, analysis utilities, and plug-in features that are not part of the core PostgreSQL system, mainly because they address a limited audience or are too experimental to be part of the main source tree. This does not preclude their usefulness."

It has also been mentioned many times over the years that contrib is a holding tank for technology that would hopefully be pushed into core someday.

What I am suggesting:

1. Analyze the current contrib modules for inclusion into -core. A few of these are pretty obvious:


I am sure there will be plenty of fun to be had with what should or shouldn't be merged into core. I think if we argue about the guidelines of how to analyze what should be in core versus the merits of any particular module, life will be easier. Here are some for a start:

A. Must have been in contrib for at least two releases
B. Must have visible community (and thus use case)

2. Push the rest out into a .Org project called contrib. Let those who are interested in the technology work on them or use them. This project since it is outside of core proper can work just like other extension projects. Alternately, allow the maintainers push them wherever they like (Landscape, Github, Savannah, git.postgresql.org ...).

Why I am suggesting this:

1. Less code to maintain in core
2. Eliminates the mysticism of contrib
3. Removal of experimental code from core
4. Most of the distributions package contrib separately anyway
5. Some of core is extremely small use case (sepgsql, tsearch2, lo ...)
6. Finding utilities for PostgreSQL used to be harder. It is rather dumb simple teenage snapchat user easy now.
8. Isn't this what pgxs is for?
9. Everybody hates cleaning the closet until the end result.
10. Several of these modules would make PostgreSQL look good anyway (default case insensitive index searching with citext? It is a gimme)
11. Contrib has been getting smaller and smaller. Let's cut the cord.
12. Isn't this the whole point of extensions?