London PostgreSQL Meetup

One of the fantastic characteristics of Postgres leaders is their willingness to serve the community.

Yesterday I found out that one of our former team members, Devrim Gunduz, has created a new London PostgreSQL user group and they had their inaugural meeting in October. At the time of this writing there were 123 members in the group. This level of response shows a great demand for Postgres content. I spoke with Devrim yesterday, and he shared that he has a mission to provide the London community with new content each month. It is a bold goal as running meetups that frequently can be daunting, but we believe there is enough support in the area to warrant this frequency. Devrim has even asked me to cross the pond to present at a future meetup, which I plan on doing in 2018. It will be great to see a leader of Postgres provide consistent growth opportunities for the Postgres community in London.

Rock on and @amplifypostgres!