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PgManage 1.0 Released

PgManage 1.0 released, grab it today!

Less is More

Sometimes, after using a tool for many years, you will discover a feature that totally changes how you do things. When it is a fundamental tool like “less”, it changes how you interact with many command line programs in Linux*.

Did you know that less can do far more than just press space to advance to the next page? I sure didn’t. Then one day I went down the rabbit …

Getting Started with pgBackRest: Perform Your First Backup

pgBackRest is a complete backup and continuous archiving solution for PostgreSQL offering support for point-in-time recovery (PITR), fast multi-threaded backup and restore, compression and encryption of backups, and more. In this article, we will explore pgBackRest’s features and present how to set up a basic pgBackRest configuration.

PgManage 1.0rc1 released

PgManage 1.0rc1 released - an inch closer to being a mile ahead

Courtesy Notification: CVE-2020-21469 PostgreSQL 12.2 Security Vulnerability

This is a courtesy notification to our clients and community regarding an alleged security issue for PostgreSQL 12.2.

The following issue was reported as CVE-2020-21469:

An issue discovered in PostgreSQL 12.2 allows attackers to cause a denial of service via repeatedly sending SIGHUP signals.

This is not a security vulnerability, and was filed without prior knowledge of or consultation with the PostgreSQL Security Team as reported in this …

PgManage 1.0b2 released

PgManage 1.0b2 released.

PgManage 1.0b released

Command Prompt is pleased to announce PgManage version 1.0b. This release adds two major features, 3 major bug fixes and over a dozen changes and improvements. PgManage is a Postgres centered multi-database management Open Source project.

New features:

  • Added backup/restore support for PostgreSQL
  • First version of PgManage Handbook was published to

Major Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed .AppImage compatibility issues for newer Linux distributions which do not have libcrypt installed
  • Added …

Announcing PgManage 1.0a

PgManage is a Postgres centered multi-database management Open Source project. It is a fork of the previously well received project OmniDB that had been abandoned. Command Prompt has taken the helm of this project to ensure a quality project focused on the Management of PostgreSQL and related technologies.

Major Changes from OmniDB

New features:

  • new connection management UI
  • added …

Performance Analysis of PostgreSQL Data Checksums

Recently I have been working on PostgreSQL benchmarks for its data checksums feature. This incredibly valuable option to initdb -- introduced in version 9.3 in 2013 -- allows quick detection of corrupted disk data pages. It provides the glorious opportunity to simply failover to a standby before your data becomes corrupted, rather than endure the horror of discovering the corruption afterward and attempting to recover.

But people care as much …

PostgreSQL and Financial Calculations - Part Five

The fifth and last in a series of blogs covering common mistakes in Database and Application designs for financial calculations.

Method of Rounding:

There are many methods of rounding

  1. Half Round Up
  2. Half Round Down
  3. Round Towards Zero
  4. Round Away from Zero
  5. Round Half To Even
  6. Round Half To Odd
  7. Random Round

The built-in method of rounding in PostgreSQL is Half Round Up. Unfortunately, it is not the best approach, …