PgManage 1.0b released

Command Prompt is pleased to announce PgManage version 1.0b. This release adds two major features, 3 major bug fixes and over a dozen changes and improvements. PgManage is a Postgres centered multi-database management Open Source project.

New features:

  • Added backup/restore support for PostgreSQL
  • First version of PgManage Handbook was published to

Major Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed .AppImage compatibility issues for newer Linux distributions which do not have libcrypt installed
  • Added logic to terminate stale back-end process if the front-end process crashes
  • Fixed application UI process memory leaks

UI/UX Improvements:

  • Improved support for configuration options search in Postgres Server Configuration Management
  • Automatically readjust query editor font size when the application font size changes
  • Various application layout and UI improvements
  • Limited minimum application window size to 1024x766
  • Fixed splash screen flickering/position issues during the application startup
  • Added PgManage Handbook links to application error modal dialogs
  • Improved handling of drag-and-drop reordering for database operations tabs

Other changes:

  • Added support for configurable PostgreSQL Client binary path in application settings
  • Excluded SASS libraries and .sass files from the release builds
  • Included EGL/GLES libraries into app release builds
  • pev2 upgraded to v1.7.0
  • Removed "plugins" and other obsolete menu items from the application UI
  • Removed unused files and dead code from the project
  • Shred SSH keys stored in the app during the Master Password Reset

Getting PgManage: