PgManage 1.0b2 released

New features:

  • ability to disable CSV header when exporting data grid contents
  • added UI for Postgres extension management
  • new hierarchical connections menu
  • use random TCP port number for the application back-end process so Pgmanage does not occupy ports commonly used by other applications
  • ability to select SSL connection options in Connection Management dialog
  • remember and restore application window position and size when the app starts
  • added configurable date/time display format in the application settings dialog
  • restore the last used database and query tabs when pgmanage starts

Major Bugs fixed:

If the query entered by the user contains explain keyword, clicking on explain/analyze button will no longer prepend the query with an extra explain keyword (previously this bug resulted in syntactically incorrect query)

UI/UX Improvements:

  • ability to work with multiple databases within a DB session without needing to select the "active" database
  • if query entered by the user contains explain keyword, the explain tab will be opened automatically when user clicks the "Run query" button
  • explain and analyze buttons are now grouped together and separated from other query buttons
  • pre-set database connection TCP port in the Connection Management dialog based on selected database type
  • add visually matching themes for query editor

Other changes:

  • django has been updated from 2.2 to 3.2
  • bundled python version changed from 3.8 to 3.9
  • code clean-up and refactoring
  • moved application shared data into globally accessible Pinia store
  • replace cx_Oracle library with oracledb

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