Postgres at Seattle Web Developers Meetup, recap

Postgres: The center of your data universe

This talk is proving to be great content for those who are not necessarily Postgres Users. Last night I presented this talk at the Seattle Web Developers Meetup. The location was Adobe, next to Google and Tableau. I didn't even know there was a small tech complex on N. 34th in Seattle. There were about 27 people, which falls in line with the 50% rule of Meetups[1]. Here are my observations from the audience:

  1. Surprisingly the majority of developers were Python web developers (as a group)
  2. Many of them do not use Postgres and wanted to hear more about it
  3. There were several government employees that were wondering how to get Postgres deployed
  4. Presenting with two screens next to each other is difficult because I walk when I present
  5. People are still interested in PLphp

I wasn't suprised that there were Python web developers. I was surprised that there were not more Node or Ruby developers. In fact, when asked there wasn't a single Ruby person in the room and Node was only a hobby for one other.

About half the room raised their hand when asked if they used Postgres. However, the rest were very engaged, asked intelligent questions and most were particularly interested in our JSON and FDW support.

The government employee was trying to figure out how to get out of MSSQL. My rseponse was the classic, "Just don't tell them". Obviously I don't want to get anyone in trouble but more often than people like to admit the boss doesn't care if you are using MSSQL, they care that you aren't going to lose data and the application is going to perform well. The spec could just say SQL DB, which MSSQL and PostgreSQL both are. We laughed at the idea but I also informed her of Crunchy's Postgres with Common Criteria and other governmental agencies that are running Postgres.

The two screen things is weird. I do o.k. when the screens are on the left and right of me but both screens were to the left so I ended up cutting off the screen anytime I walked. I might need to figure out how to stand still when I present.

We never should have created PLphp. It refuses to die.

That's all for now, I am taking a break from presenting until PGConf.US Local: Ohio.

1. If 50 people RSVP to a meetup, approximately 25 will show up.