Postgres, upcoming community awesomeness

Upcoming community awesomeness

Now that summer is over and we have officially decided never to schedule anything in August again, we need to share a bunch of upcoming community goodness!

Never lose sight of the goal

  • PGConf US and NYCPUG are hosting: PGConf US Mini: NYC tomorrow! Bruce Momjian will be speaking on Postgres v10. This is the second mini that PGConf US has organized. The first was last May in Austin. It looks like a great lineup and turnout.

  • Debbie Cerda will be hosting the Silicon Valley Postgres Meetup on September 19th with speakers Erik Brandsberg of Heimdall Data and Roland Lee on: How to Auto-cache Postgres with no code changes . Hiring Debbie was one of the best decisions Command Prompt ever made. She is allowing us to focus much more on community and business development than ever before. Her ability to connect with people and her willingness to travel has made it a lot easier to meet one of Command Prompt's long term goals: Building out more Postgres community. The Silicon Valley meetup is just one instance. We also launched Denver which has a meeting in November (and possibly October).

  • And last but certainly not least, PostgreSQL version 10 is set to be released very, very soon!

It is easy to forget that although code contribution to an Open Source project is vital, so is building the people within and external to the community. The majority of people that go to meetups do not follow -hackers or -general. They are professionals trying to get a job done. It takes a different approach to continue to grow that side of the community than it does with C developers hacking backend code. Our team looks forward to continue to aggressively address the needs of the professional Postgres community.