PostgreSQL Conference: Good Lord... twice as many as we expected
When Selena Deckelmann and I decided to start a PostgreSQL Conference series, we believed that a small, regional, technically specific conference was appropriate. We considered that at most, we would get around 35 people and it would essentially be a large user group meeting that had a series of talks and was good for the community. That was the end of July. It is now the night before the conference, October 19th. The original sponsorship goal was 4. We have 10. The original attendee goal was 35. We have at least 60 not including speakers. We expected mostly locals from the Pacific Northwest. At least half are not from the Pacific Northwest. I must say I am quite taken aback at the performance of this conference and it has hardened my resolve to have an even bigger conference on the east coast in 6 months (watch for that). Thank you all who are taking time from your lives to support our community, including sponsors, attendees and speakers.