PostgreSQL leads OSCON again
For the what seems like yet another year (can't we slow these guys down?), OSCON has proven to be the PostgreSQL stomping ground. Per our usual supply of great community members including, Selena, Gabrielle, Michael, Greg, Robert and the other Robert we had what seemed liked an endless supply of quality support and community reaction to all comers. This was also the first year in several that I haven't ran the OSCON PostgreSQL Booth. I must say that I am quite happy to let that responsibility go and found it wonderful to have passed the , "Booth Master" baton to Gabrielle! This year we had quite a few people discussing the MySQL and Sun merger. You can't really call it an acquisition when MySQL gets equal billing with the parent within the same booth. I find it interesting that this is still a hot topic, it seems the only thing that Sun has managed to do is drive more people to PostgreSQL. Thanks Sun! Quite a bit of interest was also generated around PgUS as well as several people who asked about PostgreSQL Certification. Especially after a certain companies announcement. Lastly I would like to note the leadership role the PostgreSQL Community decided to show by not distributing CDs full of software this year. Instead we chose to bite the bullet and purchase PostgreSQL branded USB thumb drives. These are high quality units at 1GB that fit very well within the PostgreSQL brand. Now instead of spreading more plastic coffee coasters around, we are providing a re-usable and generally useful tool. Just like our favorite software itself.