Scale 14x, PostgreSQL mini-conf, PgConf.US and NYCPUG
It is really not fair to call it a mini-conf. The Scale 14x, PostgreSQL Day attendance was larger than every conference except PgConf.US (EDIT: in the United States/Canada). It is a great opportunity to integrate with a wider community that is diverse, technologically capable and at the front lines of production installations.

I spoke on Backups: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I had over 100 attendees in my room. It was obvious throughout the talks that this is going to be the new West coast conference for PostgreSQL. The opportunity for advocacy and integration into alternative technologies is just too great to ignore from either PostgreSQL or the wider FOSS community that attends SCALE.

This is also the same talk (although slightly updated after some education from Stephen Frost) I will be giving at NYCPUG on Feb, 11th. Be there, or be square. Be square and be there. We are all accepting.

Back to PgConf.US, do you have your talk submitted yet?. The deadline is the end of this week. You don't want to be the only community member left in the cold because you procrastinated do you?