What should I submit to PgConf US 2017?

From the title, that is the question. This is the last week of the PgConf US 2017 CFP (you can submit here: http://www.pgconf.us/2017/submit/) and I have no idea what to submit.

I am blessed that my talks are very well attended, the audience is engaged and we all have a good time. Many times laughing at me because I have a hard time staying on one specific topic (especially if someone brings a kid into the room). There is the disclaimer I have to put up on my slides because there are some in the community that can't handle humor or PG-13 content but we must all love our neighbor and enjoy them for who they are. I have more than once seen a community member shaking their head at me (Grant, I am looking at you) but that is part of the fun and part of the show. Let's get everyone loving PostgreSQL. That gets me to my point.

I have no idea what to submit.

What would you like to see me speak on?

  • Replication?
    • What type?
  • Backups?
    • pg_dump, or binary?
  • Data types?
  • Modeling?
  • Deploying with Kubernetes?
  • What about LXC/LXD?
  • What the PostgreSQL Snap packages are?
  • Bare metal to cloud comparison?
  • The constant nagging issue of no PostgreSQL issue tracker?
  • How Steven Universe uses PostgreSQL? (That's a joke but meant to say... insert anything else here)

You tell me. Help me out here. I want to once again have a standing room only party of community that wants to love and learn about PostgreSQL. I just don't know what people want to hear about this year.