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This is the Education section of the Command Prompt Website. Here you will find blogs specifically about how to use Postgres and related technologies.

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How to Use AND & OR Operators in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the AND and OR operators are used to combine more than one condition and are referred to as conjunctive, logical, or boolean operators.

How to Use WHERE Clause in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the WHERE clause is used to filter the results of different statements such as SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, etc.

How to Rename the columns of a table in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL provides a RENAME COLUMN clause that is used with the collaboration of ALTER TABLE command to rename a column.

How to Change/Modify Column Type in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the “ALTER TABLE” and “ALTER COLUMN” commands, along with the TYPE Keyword, are used to change/modify the data type of any specific column.

How to Drop Columns From a Table in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the DROP COLUMN command is used with the collaboration of the ALTER TABLE command to drop single or multiple columns.

How to Add Columns to a Table in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the ADD COLUMN command/statement along with the ALTER TABLE clause is used to add single or multiple columns to a table.

How to use the ALTER TABLE command in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the ALTER TABLE command serves multiple functionalities on a table like adding a column, dropping a column, renaming a table/columns, etc.

How to drop a table in PostgreSQL

To drop/delete a table from the PostgreSQL database, open the SQL SHELL and type the DROP TABLE command followed by the table name.

Different methods to create a table in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, a table is used to organize the complex, detailed, and unordered data. A table can be created using the "CREATE TABLE" statement.

How to drop a database in PostgreSQL

Execute the DROP DATABASE command from psql while dropdb command from the command prompt to remove/drop any specific PostgreSQL database.