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How to convert JSONB to a record using jsonb_to_record in PostgreSQL

The Postgres jsonb_to_record() function takes a top-level JSONB object, converts it into a table record/row, and returns it.

PL/pgSQL Block Structure

PL/pgSQL supports block structure. The block has two sections; a declaration and a body. Sub-block structure is also supported by PL/pgSQL.

How do I remove null values with the jsonb_strip_nulls function in PostgreSQL?

The PostgreSQL stores data and there are a lot of chances that the data being recorded might contain NULL values. The root cause of these NULL values may be some discrepancies in the system generating the data or maybe due to inefficient/incorrect data entry. The JSONB is a widely used data type in Postgres that stores an immense range of textual data in the form of key-value pairs. So the …

How jsonb_object_keys() Function Works in PostgreSQL

The JSONB object is provided to the jsonb_object_keys() function as an argument and it returns a column containing all the keys present in that particular JSONB object.

Understanding Postgres jsonb_insert() Function With Examples

The jsonb_insert() function inserts a new JSONB value into an already existing JSONB object at a specific location. It takes in 3 parameters essentially and 1 parameter optionally.

What is the Use of the jsonb_pretty Function in PostgreSQL?

The jsonb_pretty() function returns the beautified version of the provided JSONB value. This function applies proper formatting to the given value.

PostgreSQL json_populate_record() Function

The json_populate_record() function in Postgres converts the JSON object into a data row. It populates the table record from the JSON object.

PostgreSQL json_populate_recordset() Function

The json_populate_recordset() function converts the JSON array into a set of data rows. The JSON array can contain multiple JSON objects, which can be converted into arrays by using it.

How to Use to_ascii() Function in PostgreSQL

The to_ascii() function in PostgreSQL converts the provided string from any valid encoding to the ASCII encoding.

How Does the pi() Function Work in PostgreSQL?

Use the pi() function in PostgreSQL to get the mathematical constant value of π. pi() can be used in mathematical expressions to use the value of π.