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Less is More

Sometimes, after using a tool for many years, you will discover a feature that totally changes how you do things. When it is a fundamental tool like “less”, it changes how you interact with many command line programs in Linux*.

Did you know that less can do far more than just press space to advance to the next page? I sure didn’t. Then one day I went down the rabbit …

Reverse DNS Zones With AWS Simple AD

Consider a fairly complex design of a DNS service in AWS cloud: one that includes native AWS Route 53, AWS Simple AD and traditional BIND service running on EC2 instances to cater to different needs of development and production environments in terms of serving DNS requests and providing directory services.

All EC2 hosts in one of your production VPCs are pointed to Simple AD DNS servers that are your primary …

Copy Files Through an SSH Wormhole!

Here is a fun and useful Linux console hack you might like.

If you use ssh A LOT, maybe you encounter situations where you have a shell that is three or more hops removed your local workstation. And maybe you've been in the situation where there is some file that you need to get from "there" to "here" or vice versa. And you really are annoyed by the thought of …