PostgreSQL: The Center of your Data Universe @ Datalayer Conference

You should always be careful of what you ask for. A couple of months ago while I was feeling particularly brave, I submitted to present at the DataLayer Conference. The next thing I knew, I was speaking at the DataLayer Conference. The conference takes place in Austin on May 17th. Conferences like this one are an awesome channel for PostgreSQL advocacy. Of course I am partial to PgConf US but a conference such as DataLayer allows us to reach people who may be using one of those "other" databases. 

Here is the synopsis of the presentation I will be giving:

PostgreSQL: The Center of Your Data Universe

Although there are still battles to be fought, the war has already been won. Find out how PostgreSQL answers all of your data layer needs. PostgreSQL is a one of the longest standing Open Source Database systems with legions of users leading the way to a sane, productive and performance driven data layer. This presentation will cover an overview of PostgreSQL technologies including:

  • NoSQL capabilities
  • Relational capabilities
  • Replication & High Availability
  • Features you can’t believe you lived without
  • Community

If you feel like going, you can use the code JDROCKS (I promise, I didn't pick it) for a 15% discount. Let's have a large PostgreSQL contigent at the conference and show those "other" technologies what real community feels like!