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PostgreSQL IS NULL Operator/Condition

In Postgres, the IS NULL operator tests whether an expression/column contains a null value. It can be used with different statements, such as SELECT, UPDATE, etc.

PostgreSQL TIMESTAMP: Timestamp Without Time Zone Data Type

The PostgreSQL “TIMESTAMP” or “TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE” data type stores a timestamp value without the time zone information.

PostgreSQL TIMESTAMPTZ: Timestamp With Time Zone Data Type

The PostgreSQL “TIMESTAMPTZ” or “TIMESTAMP With TIME ZONE” data type is used to store a timestamp value that includes the time zone information.

TO_TIMESTAMP: How to Convert a String to TIMESTAMP in PostgreSQL

The TO_TIMESTAMP() in Postgres is a built-in function for converting a string to a timestamp data type. Users can easily manipulate and analyze DateTime information using this function.

IS NOT NULL Operator/Condition in PostgreSQL

In Postgres, the IS NOT NULL operator tests whether an expression or a column contains a non-null value. It is used in a SELECT statement to return only non-null records from a column.

PostgreSQL - How to Insert Data Into a Table Using Python

Use the “connect()” method of “psycopg” module to establish a connection with the Postgres database using python. Next, create a cursor object and execute the INSERT query via the cursor object.

Setting Up an SSH Connection

The Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) provides IT professionals with a secure method to remotely connect to client environments. SSH typically uses a password or public-key method to encrypt connections and authenticate network devices. This tutorial will focus on establishing an SSH connection for data transfer between the postgres users on two Ubuntu 22.04 LTS instances.

How to Convert the Case of a String in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the UPPER(), LOWER(), and INITCAP() functions are used for letter case conversion.

PostgreSQL SPLIT_PART Function: Extracting Data From a String

The SPLIT_PART() function accepts three arguments: a string, a delimiter/separator, and a position. Consequently, it retrieves the extracted data from the given string.

How to Group by Date/Time in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL offers various built-in functions to group data by time, such as the DATE_TRUNC(), EXTRACT(), and DATE_PART() functions.