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PostgreSQL Logical Operators: AND, OR, NOT

PostgreSQL has three main logical operators: OR, AND, and NOT. All these operators retrieve a boolean value and are hence also referred to as Boolean operators.

How to Drop a Default Value From a Column in PostgreSQL

To drop/remove the default value from a column, you need to use the “DROP DEFAULT” keyword with the assistance of the “ALTER TABLE” command.

INTEGER Data Types in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL provides several integer data types, such as INTEGER, SMALLINT, and BIGINT. These data types assist us in storing and manipulating whole numbers.

How to Drop a View in PostgreSQL

In Postgres, the DROP VIEW statement allows us to delete one or more views from a database. To do that, use the DROP VIEW statement followed by the view’s name to be deleted.

How the timezone() Function Works in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the timezone() function converts a timestamp to a different time zone. It retrieves a new timestamp with the same value but in a different time zone.

How to Extract DATE From a TIMESTAMP in PostgreSQL?

In PostgreSQL, the built-in DATE() function, CAST operator, and scope resolution operator “::” are used to extract a date from a TIMESTAMP.

How to Change the Timezone of a Postgres Database

PostgreSQL provides an “ALTER DATABASE” command that is used with the “SET TIMEZONE” clause to change the timezone of a Postgres database.

GREATEST() and LEAST() Functions in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the GREATEST() and LEAST() are built-in functions used to get the biggest and smallest value from the given data, respectively.

PostgreSQL Data Type Formatting Functions

Postgres provides various built-in formatting functions such as TO_CHAR(), TO_TIMESTAMP(), etc. that allows us to convert data from one type to another based on some valid format.

How to Update an Existing Table in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the ALTER TABLE command updates the table’s structure, such as adding a new column, renaming a column, changing data type, etc.