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Can a Temporary Table Have the Same Name as a Permanent Table in PostgreSQL?

In Postgres, a temporary table can have the same name as a permanent table. However, database experts recommend the use of distinct names to avoid ambiguity.

How to Explicitly Drop a TEMPORARY Table in Postgres

In PostgreSQL, the temporary tables can be explicitly dropped/removed by executing the DROP TABLE command following the temporary table’s name.

How to Deallocate a Prepared Statement in PostgreSQL

Use the DEALLOCATE command followed by the name of the prepared statement to explicitly Deallocate a Prepared Statement in PostgreSQL.

How to Get List of Running Queries in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL provides a system view named pg_stat_activity that retrieves information about the currently running queries and active sessions on the database server.

How the PREPARE Statement Works in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the PREPARE statement creates a prepared statement that can be utilized repeatedly. It allows us to execute the command with different values.

How to Install and Set Up Docker PostgreSQL Environment

To install the Docker PostgreSQL environment, install Docker on the system from the official link. After that, pull the Postgres image from Docker Hub using the “docker pull postgres”.

How to Delete Data From PostgreSQL Tables Using Python

To delete data from PostgreSQL tables using Python, execute the delete query with the help of the “execute()” function.

How to Call a User-defined Function in PostgreSQL

To call/invoke a user-defined function in PostgreSQL, Positional Notation, Named Notation, or Mixed Notation can be used.

Creating a Repeating Sequence in PostgreSQL: A Comprehensive Guide

To create a repeating sequence in Postgres, the CREATE SEQUENCE command can be executed with the “CYCLE” option enabled.

What is the Equivalent of Java Long in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the "BIGINT" data type is used to store extremely large positive or negative numbers and can serve as an alternative to Java’s Long data type.