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How to Create a Read-Only User in PostgreSQL

To create a read-only user in PostgreSQL, create a role in the PostgreSQL database and grant read-only permissions to it. Create a user and grant the Role to it.

JSONB Data Type in PostgreSQL

JSONB is the binary format of storing and exchanging data in JSON syntax which is a human-readable format and PostgreSQL allows the use of JSONB data types.

A Complete Guide to UUIDs in PostgreSQL

Universal Unique Identifiers or UUID data types generate random values to be stored in the PostgreSQL database table. The user needs to create its extension before using it.

How to Solve the FATAL: Password Authentication Failed for User "Postgres" Error

Open the “pg_hba.conf” file from the local system and change the security method. Restart the application and change the password from the PostgreSQL server.

Procedures Vs. Functions in PostgreSQL

The major difference between a Procedure and a Function in PostgreSQL is that the Procedure does not return the value and the function does return it.

The CREATE PROCEDURE Statement in PostgreSQL

The CREATE PROCEDURE Statement contains the name of the procedure with its arguments. The body of the procedure contains steps to be performed.

How to Backup and Restore PostgreSQL Databases Using pgAdmin

Open the pgAdmin application and create a backup of the database by providing its location. Restore the database from the local system using the backup file.

How to Use Escape Single Quotes in PostgreSQL

Create a table in PostgreSQL with a field to store data in text format. Insert data in it to insert single quotes using multiple methods offered by the platform.

How to Query JSONB Array of Objects in PostgreSQL

To query a JSONB array of objects in PostgreSQL, create a table with a JSONB data type column and expand it to an array format to apply queries on it.

How to Create A Pivot Table in PostgreSQL

To create a pivot table, the user can either use the crosstab function or the CASE statement. Create a tablefunc extension to use the crosstab function.