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I am on the phone with Eric Ridge of ZomboDB and PGX fame. We chat often on the People, Postgres, Data Discord server (yes you should join) and we have unofficial “we are human so we get on the phone” calls about twice a month. The calls are generally about PostgreSQL and the awesome Open Source projects he is building around our famed database. However, on this call I got a question I don’t normally get: how good is your SQL?

Professionalism Matters - Even When Working Remote

Today we are working from home, from the road, or from family’s homes. Article after article has been written about how to work productively outside of our normal work environment. What they tend to leave out is that professionalism isn’t just for the cubicle; it extends to all matters of the office including working remotely.

That means being purposeful and professional every day. That includes being respectful, dressing for …

Meet Justin Graf: Command Prompt's Offgrid Aficionado

Welcome to our blog series: Meet the Team, where we will introduce you to the minds behind Command Prompt. This month we are talking with Justin Graf, DBA.


How long have you been with Command Prompt?

I started in March 2020, but I’d known about Command Prompt since 2004/05. At the time I was looking for a new ERP/MRP package for the company that I was working for as the …

Pay it Forward

Where were you the first time you were told to “pay it forward?” Were you the recipient of someone else’s good deed, or did a friend or mentor help you out of a pickle? Paying it forward is a fascinating concept with far reaching effects. According to’s Pop Culture Dictionary, Paying it Forward is defined as “an expression for when the recipient of an act of kindness …

The COVID-19 Pivot: An Opportunity for Reflection

As we get more immersed in our careers and lifestyles, we get comfortable. And when we’re comfortable, we avoid tasks outside of our wheelhouse like the plague (or pandemic). Yes, we grow and we learn, but we love to stay in our field; our realm of comfort, our box. Generally speaking, we can stay where we want, but with the changes of 2020, the question for many people has now …

Meet Ron Farrer: Command Prompt's Lifelong Tinkerer

Welcome to our blog series: Meet the Team, where we will introduce you to the minds behind Command Prompt. This month we are talking with Ron Farrer, one of Command Prompt's System Administrators and JR DBA. 


Where are you based?

I’m from Bellingham, Washington. I currently reside 20 minutes north, but in a few weeks I’ll be moving back to Bellingham.

How long have you been with Command Prompt?

I’ve …

How to Achieve Success When Working From Home

In today’s world it is important to know that you have a team to back you up. From all of us at Command Prompt, we are here to help. It is our goal to help our clients, partners, and community succeed.

As a pioneer in building a successful employment from home culture we have moved through the trial and test phases of what does and doesn’t work when working without …

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - Letter From Our Founder

As the global spread of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) hits home, disrupting lives and communities, our Command Prompt team has been working diligently to ensure that our clients receive the quality and excellence in experience we've promised them. As Command Prompt is a strategically globally distributed company, our staff continue to do their best work – all in a safe, remote, and productive environment.

Please be aware that we are committed to …

Meet Ivan Lezhnjov: Command Prompt's Open Source Detective

Welcome to our new blog series: Meet the Team, where we will introduce you to the minds behind Command Prompt. First up is Ivan Lezhnjov, Lead Systems Administrator.

Longform Questions

How long have you been with Command Prompt?

Since the fall of 2012, so around 7+ years.

What’s your background and expertise?

I’m a Lead Systems Administrator / DevOps Administrator. I'm self-taught and have been fascinated with Linux and the …

Recognizing and Developing Emotional Intelligence

There are many ways to define intelligence, and the most commonly accepted definition being in relation to facts, figures, and reasoning. This leaves out the emotional, interpersonal, or social aspects of intelligence, known as the Emotional Intelligence Quotient, or EQ. According to Merriam-Webster, intelligence is defined as:

  1. the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations : REASON also: the skilled use of reason …