Speaking at PGConf Seattle, are you going?

Jim Mlodgenski in attendence at the 9th Annual PGConf.EU and I am working hard on updating my slides for my presentation at PGConf Seattle. PGConf Seattle is being held at the downtown Seattle Sheraton on November 13th and 14th.  I will be speaking on Postgres version 10. I will also be training on Postgres Performance and Maintenance (you can buy your ticket here). If you are planning on attending my training or any of the others I recommend that you register quickly. There are only half a dozen seats left for mine and only a few more than that for Robert Bernier's.

The Postgres V10 presentation is the same presentation I gave at PGConf Ohio as well as the Vancouver Developers Network. However, the Postgres Performance training is being updated to include proper provisioning for Amazon EC2 and RDS. Whether the community (myself included) likes it or not, the majority of new installations of our great database are being deployed to the cloud and Amazon, right now is the king of cloud. However, the amount of information available on how to actually provision PostgreSQL properly within the AWS infrastructure is slight at best. I wish all of our community members across the pond right now a fantastic conference and I hope to see a few of them join me in Seattle! It's always sunny in Seattle.

Rock on and @amplifypostgres!