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How to Get the List of Privileges Assigned to a Table in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the “\z” command and “information_schema” can be used to check the list of assigned privileges to a certain Postgres table.

How to Get or Check Table Structure in PostgreSQL

In PostgreSQL, the “\d”, the “\d+”, “information_schema”, and the “SELECT *” statement with the “FALSE” option are used to check the table’s structure.

How to Use REVERSE() Function in PostgreSQL

The REVERSE() function accepts exactly one argument and that must be a string. As a result, it retrieves the given string in reverse order.

PostgreSQL STRING_TO_TABLE() Function With Examples

The STRING_TO_TABLE() function accepts a string and a delimiter as arguments and splits the given string based on the specified delimiter.

How to Order by Count in PostgreSQL?

In PostgreSQL, the ORDER BY clause is used along with the COUNT() function to retrieve the table’s records by count/quantity.

How to Declare a Variable in PostgreSQL

In Postgres, a variable is declared with a particular data type, such as INTEGER, TEXT, DATE, etc. To declare a variable, use the “DECLARE var_name data_type:= expression;” syntax.

How to Get a Date Greater Than Today in PostgreSQL?

In PostgreSQL, comparison operators like greater than “>” and greater than or equal to “>=” can be used with the “CURRENT_DATE” function to get a date greater than or equal to today.

Postgres Conference, PostgresConf and PgConf

In the past Postgres Conference has gone by many names including, Postgres Conference, PostgresConf, PgConf.US and PgConf.Org. These are all the same organizations they all refer back to, e.g; Postgres Conference now.

How to Copy a Table From One Database to Another in PostgreSQL

To copy a table from one database to another, open CMD as an administrator, and run the "pg_dump -U user –t table source_db | psql -U user target_db" command.

How to Install pgAdmin on Ubuntu

To install pgAdmin on Ubuntu, add the public key using Curl, add the pgAdmin repository using sudo, and execute the “sudo apt install pgAdmin4” command.